Saab J29 – part 3

Hey whats up people! thanks for coming back for the next in installment of the Cox powered J29 build. It’s  going quite well. It’s winter 2021 so almost all of the work is being done on the dining table in the warm, as opposed to freezing my n*% s off in the non-heated garage outside in the cold! Of course this only involves cutting a few sheets and strips of balsa and gluing them in place. All of the plywood cutting and drilling stuff is being done on the work bench outside – when I have to!

Anyways check out the latest pics below 🙂

first set of top stringers added. Also here I’m working out how to hang the tail section onto the duct. I’m doing this by adding a laminated soft balsa and ply spine (foreground) which will be glued between the rear former’s and onto the top duct shell.

Here’s the slot cut for the spine

And the spine glued in place. I made it from gluing together 1/16″ soft balsa sheet and 1/32″ plywood sheet. I would have liked to use 1/64″ ply for further lightness though…. just didn’t have any at the time

extra tail former’s being added 

Here come the stringers!

finally the tail assembly. I’ve made the fin and tail surfaces from 1/8″ medium balsa sheet. The front part of the fin has 1/32″ ply strengthening as it will locate in the fuselage. The fin slides in the gap in the tail.

here it is put together. The whole assembly will be retained on the fuselage by elastic bands and is knock-affable. Some great pics of the real thing and some sketch notes in the background.

checking the fit on the fuselage. I was doing some sanding on the tail surfaces so I went outside. It was soooo cold that Saturday morning! There’s determination for you!

back in the warm! both halves and the tail placed loosely together.

shaping up nicely 🙂 The next thing to tackle will be the engine mount and fan! Catch you next time 🙂



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