Boulton Paul ducted fan!

It’s March 2020 and It is now a very strange and worrying time. As I write this, The coronavirus is wreaking Havock across the planet. I hope you keep well. This post and the subsequent ones that will follow, while uploaded now were written in 2018. I hope it offers some pleasant distraction in this worrying time.

Google image above.

Here’s another project I’m working on. Its a semi-scale free flight ducted fan model based on the British Boulton Paul P111 experimental jet aircraft from the 1960’s, with design inspiration taken directly from the P.E. Norman series of ducted fan models, particularly his MiG 15 and Javahawk. It will have an ASP 0.15 cu in. glow engine  (2.5cc diesel equivalent) for power, which is shown below and home made 8 or 9 bladed nylon fan. Bottle cap starter pulley (if I can’t make one up specially) and be mainly balsa and plywood construction, but hopefully, with a moulded  fibreglass fuselage, which will be a first time for me! Not sure as yet what I will cover the model with, but it’s most likely going to be doped silk with a sprayed paint finish.

This is a picture of the ASP engine I’m planning to use. Yes, you’ll notice that its got a radio control
throttle – which could come in handy for slowing the speed of the engine during initial powered glide test with
a special friction lever fixed next to it… at least that’s the idea!
I’ll probably end up taking the silencer off and fit a normal venturi as well, to reduce weight.

…and heres a pic of the PAW 2.5cc engine rigged up for some bench tests with a big ol’ prop.
The great thing about this engine is that even after not using it for years, it only took
2 flicks to start it! So depending which one is easier to get going with a fan and pull cord, that will be
the engine to go in the plane.

For part 1 of the build click here

Yep, pretty excited about this one – should be really cool and hopefully very FAST!!!


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