Hi and welcome to the long awaited plans page! Sorry its taken so long-hope it was worth the wait. On this page you'll find some of the plans I've collected over the years that are available for free download.

Some of these plans will have first appeared in Aeromodeller magazine and the plans handbook, as well as other sources. Of the older plans there maybe a few fold and crease lines reproduced on the prints but this shouldn't deter anyone that has already built from a plan. A few of them will be of my own design which you can buy for a reasonable price from my site and download directly. I think you'll love'em!!

Naturally as this is only a small website, the the range of plans won't be as extensive as some of the larger sites out there. But what you will find here are exciting little gems that will hopefully get you reaching for the building board and grabbing a handful of balsa wood!!

All the plans are presently scanned on an A4 printer and appear as PDF files. Just print the sheets off and start building 🙂

Mirabilis All balsa and ply control line stunter for 1.5cc - 09 cu in glow or diesel engines. This is a copy of my very first plan from Aeromodeller magazine. There are 10 A4 size scanned pages to make up the entire model. You just have to print off and tape together. A very nice model, which i hope to build some day myself!

Spinks Acromaster Plan for a lovely 24" span model for rubber power. All balsa & tissue construction. Another one of the many plans I bought from the amazing aeromdeller plans handbook. Plans are also available on Aerofred, as well as the build article. 5 A4 sheets for download.

Natsneez. 31" span free flight model by P.E. Norman, originally designed for small 1.8cc engine. Such a cool looking model! Download the PDF plan directly from Outerzone.com