It’s early 2020 right now, but this post was written in 2018, so it’ll make sense. Enjoy!

So this is my newest project – a free flight model called the “Natsneez” designed and built by the one and only P.E. Norman. It has always been my ambition to build as many of his models that are available as plans since I was a teenager because I find them so damn intriguing!

Its all balsa and ply construction and I’m going to use silk covering – instead of bamboo paper that’s shown on the plans, with hopefully a super-wicked paint scheme and even a polished metal spinner If I can get one.

On the original design, “P.E” powered his model with an own-designed and constructed spark ignition engine of 1.8cc. From what I’ve read, the opinion seems to be that it must have gone like a rocket! This is not surprising since this small model had the weight of battery and coil, as well as the engine. Yep, seems he liked to build fast-tough models, and this one seems to be no exception!

Of course, I won’t be using a spark ignition motor. Instead, I’m using a Cox 09 Medallion – brand new- which I bought from eBay probably 5 years ago when Cox engines were just getting popular again.

Also amazingly, just recently, I managed to get hold of an original 1948 edition of Aeromodeller (again through eBay – shout-out to the seller :)) that features a full center page article on the Natsneez with a really cool illustration of it by another legend, C.E. Moore, on the front cover. How cool is that! I was also through the wonder of the web, able to find a PDF file of the plans. Once I downloaded the plans I put them into Auto Cad, scaled them up and had them printed off.

So here I go with the build. Keep coming back to see my progress. Hope you enjoy it:) If you are thinking about building this model, I have the original build article by P.E. Norman which appeared in Aeromodeller magazine, on this site. Just click here to download the PDF

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