Hi, my name is Sam. I am a designer who loves great design,  hot rods, stunt rollerblading and… flying model aeroplanes!

My earliest memory of seeing a model aeroplane fly was in  infant school in Birmingham England, where I grew up. I was about 5 or 6 years old. I don’t remember what the what the lesson was, but I clearly remember the event whilst sitting at my desk in this old classroom.

My Teacher folded up and made an aeroplane from two pieces of paper. When he had finished it, he launched it straight ahead of himself. It climbed high into the air and looped gracefully through the trussed rafters of the ceiling, landing back into his hand.

All the kids in class shouted and applauded! I just gasped. I thought “how did he get that paper aeroplane to do that?”  It was at that moment that I knew what I wanted to do… – make paper aeroplanes!

Fast forward many years later, I still have a passion and fascination for making and flying aeroplanes. Nowadays though they are made from either balsa wood or foam. They range from gliders to jets, scale fighter planes to fun control line sport models. And they are a little bigger than that paper aeroplane too.

As much as I am aware and also fascinated by the increasing use of modern technology in model aircraft,  I have to confess that I actually prefer the ‘old school’ retro-style methods and ideas for gaining control of your model while in the air. Ideas such as single channel radio – something that is regaining popularity again  – and ‘pendulum control’ methods for example are in themselves fascinating. Somehow It’s this low-tech ‘Heath Robinson’ build-it-at-home approach that makes these ideas so appealing!

So check out the website. Have a look at the models. And soon, a plan! In the meantime I will endeavor to dream up with more and more interesting designs for you to build and fly. Peace!